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Revell 1/32 Ju 88 A-4 Junkers w/bombs

The Ju 88 was the most versatile of all German Second World War Combat Aircraft.It was deployed as a dive bomber, night-fighter, torpedo bomber, mine-layer and reconnaissance aircraft. Mass production of the Ju 88A-1 began in September 1939. The Ju 88 was initially deployed during the occupation of Norway. From...


Revell Arado Ar (E) 555

In 1944, the Imperial Air Ministry requested a long-range, high-speed bomber that could carry 8,819 lb (4,000 kg) payloads. The stealthy Ar555 was Arado’s preferred prototype. By year’s end, however, the expensive project was scrapped. This model kit features detailed surfaces with recessed panel joints, a detailed cockpit with instrument panel and...


Revell of Germany 1/48 Rafale B

The Dassault Rafale is a French twin-engine delta-wing multi-role jet fighter aircraft designed and built by Dassault Aviation. Introduced in 2000, the Rafale is being produced both for land-based use with the French Air Force and for carrier-based operations with the French Navy. It has also been marketed for export...


1/48 AH-1F Cobra from Revell Germany

This is my first helicopter model kit in over 20 years. In fact, this was one of my 1st models back in the 80’s when it was boxed in the under Monogram brand. The mold has held great over the years and compared to other kits from the era, flash...

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