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For those of you rabid fans, you are looking at the actual “Korner” in “Justin’s Modelling Korner!” That’s right, I know you can’t believe that you are really seeing where so, so much magic happens, but, more importantly, you are getting a look at the latest offerings from Verlinden Productions!!!...


Moebius Mars Attacks! Martian Warrior

I was in love with this kit since before it came out… way before it came out! So when my sister got it for me for my birthday this year I was ready to scrap everything on my workbench (I didn’t) and get right to this one. I know you guys...


Choosing Your First Model!!!

Now, I imagine that you like things, maybe even enough to have general interest in these things, and maybe even enough of that interest to have some knowledge of these things that you are interested in. I only say all of this because I have known plenty of people who say...


The Full Moon or How I Learned to Love Modeling

I knew I was a modeler from early on… when I had spent hundreds of my parents’ dollars on models that sat in my closet growing what was (I hoped to be) layers of dust that helped increase the value of these forgotten boxes for when someone was going to...

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