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New Airfix Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 1:72

Airfix just announced a 1/72 scale Boeing B-17 G in new tooling, I must say Its was about time for a new tool version of this Iconic World War Two Aircraft, so we need to compare it with the latest version of Academy and see how much have improved this...


New 1/24 Airfix Hawker Typhoon

A super detailed 1:24 scale model of the legendary ground attack Hawker Typhoon MkIb. This fantastic model has been created using our advanced CAD design used on all our new models, and we think you’ll agree the results are stunning! We’re excited to unveil an exclusive video interview (below) with...


Airfix 1/350 Trafalgar Class Submarine

The Fleet Submarines of the Trafalgar Class are extremely sophisticated, deep diving, high-speed submarines, capable of fulfilling a range of maritime military tasks undreamed of by the strategists of previous generations. Their most important role is to seek out and destroy other submarines that may pose a threat to any...


1:76 Airfix WWI Male Tank Mk.1

This is the WW-I Male Tank from Airfix Models. 1:72 is no my scale of choice, much less 1/76 which is a bit confusing to me. I have been planning a few vignettes for a while and this scale for what I want to do is perfect. I’ll be including...

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