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Kitty Hawk Models’ Updated 1/32nd Scale OV-10 Bronco CAD Images

Kitty Hawk Models has announced the second of their 1/32nd scale releases; The OV-10 Bronco.  These are preliminary CAD images.  They have asked for feedback to tweak them prior to cutting molds.  Here are some updated images which one can compare to the originals below: Below are the original CAD...


Academy 1/48th F-4B Pictures

Here I share a few pictures of the new awaited Academy F4-B Phantom 1/48th scale. We’re hosting the pictures, hence the watermark. Some of them are surfacing at the auction site for almost $50 with shipping included from Hong Kong sellers. Having obtained model kits from Hong Kong, particularly from...


XP-59, America’s first jet plane

XP-59, America’s first jet plane Bell XP-59 Airacomet Span: 45ft 6in (13.87m) Length: 38ft 2in (11.63 m) Height: 12ft 4in (3.76 m) Powerplant: Two General Electric I-A’s (each 1,250lb (567kg) thrust) Maximum speed: 404 mph Weight: Empty 7,320lb (3,320 kg), Loaded 12,562lb (5,698 kg) Armament: 2x 37mm cannons Range: 400...

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