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Bandai 1/48TH AT-ST Walker Model Kit

AT-STs were commonly used to screen the flanks of larger assault walkers for major ground operations. The Empire used them for swift reconnaissance and troop support.  As such, they were essential for cleaning up minor resistance along the path of a pre-planned invasion route, and could quickly eliminate any small...


New additions from Green Strawberry

My good friends in the Czech Republic from Green Strawberry sent us in various samples of their latest releases. As I have stated here before and thru other various outlets, this is a very humble company that delivers high quality products. For someone like yours truly who will observe and...


Hasegawa 1/35 PKA Ausf G Gustav Maschinen Krieger (2 kits) Limited Edition

Long after the fires of WWIV burned out the planet, the heavy boots of war still stir the ashes. The power-armored legions of the Strahl Demokratische Republik stride across the land, enforcing order with servo-assisted fists. Against them are arrayed the mercenaries and defectors of the IMA, fighting for their...


NEW! Revell 1/100 Snap-Tite HALO UNSC PELICAN 85-1757

The UNSC Pelican is the armored air transport with a distinctive twin-bubble canopy that carries troops and vehicles into battle against the Covenant. A fully functional rear hatch opens to reveal the cargo bay of this massive combat dropship, and wings and engines rotate as seen in Halo 5: Guardians....


Imperial Assault Hera Syndulla and C1-10P ”Chopper” Figures

Though 0-0-0 and BT-1 serve the malicious purposes of the Galactic Empire and Jawa Scavengers are only looking to make a profit, some beings in the galaxy fight for a cause larger than themselves. Hera Syndulla and her loyal astromech C1-10P are stoking the fires of resistance in a galaxy...


Movie Prop: Studio Scale Slave 1 up close and personal

A starship that made an impact among fans since 1980.  The Studio Scale Slave 1 it is one of the most popular starships in the Star Wars universe. The Firespray class patrol, owned by none other than Boba Fett himself. Boba modified this ship from stock with the latest gadgets...